Join us in Greece...

We'd like to share the secrets of longevity and happiness in a setting that will give you space to gain self-awareness and self-appreciation.

Our May retreat is now forming and will be focused on the benefits of living slow.

The part can never be well unless the whole is well.
— Plato

Your Wellness Experience


We want to help you tap into the most powerful driver for behavior change- personal awareness. We've combined a breath-taking location, the culture of a people who live long, a team of wellness experts, and a set of activities that is designed to promote mindfulness and tranquility. You will have the opportunity to experience caring, professional support in an environment that isn't demanding your immediate response and doesn't keep track of the number of emails in your inbox. 

The following is our daily schedule of opportunities for you to practice mindfulness and experience a greater sense of personal awareness. Your package includes access to all of these activities but you may participate in as many or as few as you like.

Daily Schedule

Our goal is to help you live slow. You'll discover that time, on Ikaria, is a relative concept. We've added approximate times of day to provide a guideline of the days activities.


Sunrise Yoga

6:30 AM
Let by Kathleen each morning on the Akti terrace overlooking the Aegean Sea.


Shared Breakfast

8:00 AM
Breads, cheeses and fruits sourced from the island.


Daily Excursion

11:00 AM
Visit the most beautiful spots the island has to offer. Each day provides a different opportunity.



2:00 PM
Stop and check in with your body and mind amidst amazing surroundings.



3:00 PM
Take a walk into the mountains, soak in the hot springs or just enjoy the hospitality of Akti.


Evening Meal

6:00 PM
Experience the best food the island has to offer prepared by locals at their restaurants.



9:00 PM
Take the opportunity to connect to your fellow travelers and pose questions to our experts.

Your Hosts

We've assembled a team of health professionals who are there to support every aspect of your well-being. From nutrition, to physical activity to behavior change, our experts can provide help and guidance as you discover your 


Kathleen Frizzi

Kathleen is the best person in the whole wide world.


Bethany Tennant

Bethany is a Naturopathic Doctor which, in the U.S., means she use common sense and nature to treat and prevent illness.

Bret Johnson    Bret is a real cut up. I mean a goof ball in the 1st degree.

Bret Johnson

Bret is a real cut up. I mean a goof ball in the 1st degree.


Marcia & Stefano Kritikos

Marcia & Stefano own and operate Pension Akti. They area wonderful couple that like to pretend to argue.