Join us in the Catskills...

This staff retreat will be focusing on ENERGY.... How to add it to your body, expend it with movement and manage it with your mind. As we continue developing the intention to provide retreat services to the public, we will be adding a little more structure to the weekend as compared to our last staff get together. We’d like to not only offer continuing education relevant to the work we do, but also provide information and support for areas that you are focused on in your own life.

The part can never be well unless the whole is well.
— Plato

Your Wellness Experience


We want to help you tap into the most powerful driver for behavior change- personal awareness. We've combined a breath-taking location, a team of wellness experts, and a set of activities that is designed to promote mindfulness and tranquility. You will have the opportunity to experience caring, professional support in an environment that isn't demanding your immediate response and doesn't keep track of the number of emails in your inbox. 

Daily Schedule

Our goal is to help you Pause & Energize. You'll discover that time, at Menla, is a relative concept. The following is our daily schedule of opportunities for you to practice mindfulness and experience a greater sense of personal awareness. Your package includes access to all of these activities but you may participate in as many or as few as you like. We've added approximate times of day to provide a guideline of the days activities.


Sunrise Greeting

7:00 AM
Awaken your body through movement. Led by Kathleen Frizzi each morning in the conference center.


Shared Breakfast

8:30 AM
A full vegetarian-based breakfast served by the professional culinary staff at Menla.


Daily Excursion

11:00 AM
Visit the some of the most beautiful spots in the Catskills. Each day provides a different opportunity.


Team Discussion

2:00 PM
Topics will vary each day of your retreat. Led and facilitated by Bret but you’re the star attraction.


Evening Meal

6:00 PM
Enjoy an expertly prepared vegetarian meal from the gardens grown on site. Bethany will curate the meal and explain how it is designed to nourish and energize.


We will once again be sharing a large house as a group. Sleeping arrangement options include a double room, a triple room and 2 quad rooms. Each room has its own bathroom.

Your Hosts

We've assembled a team of health professionals who are there to support every aspect of your well-being. From nourishing, to moving to experiencing, our experts can provide help and guidance as you discover that You Are Enough For THIS Life.


Kathleen Frizzi

Kathleen is a movement specialist and certified yoga & Pilates instructor. She hates to sit still but loves to help others stay active.


Bethany Tennant

Bethany is a Naturopathic Doctor which, in the U.S., means she uses common sense and nature to treat and prevent illness.


Bret Johnson

Bret has been working in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. He is the Founder and President of InDeed Wellness, a company that provides health awareness and support to individuals throughout the U.S.


Menla lies on 325 acres of private nature reserve at the head of a breathtaking glacial valley in one of the most beautiful parts of the Catskills. Stay in a range of deluxe accommodations or shared cabins set in fragrant woods & gardens with murmuring streams and trails nearby.

Experience Menla’s unique wellness facilities, from our Dewa Spa to fully equipped yoga & movement spaces, fitness room, tennis courts & hiking trails. Explore the surrounding Catskill Forest Preserve with guided hikes, river rafting, horseback riding and swimming.