Program Design.

Values & Wellness Workshop- a series of 3 meetings with your core leadership team that will result in: 


Your Declaration of Wellness- your organizations working document that outlines your company values and how your wellness strategy will implemented and align with those values. 

Your Leadership on Camera- a professionally produced 2-3 minute video of your 1 or more of your key leaders introducing your wellness strategy and its connection to your company’s values and success. 

Your Declaration of Wellness on the Web- a unique and professionally designed website that communicates your company values and wellness strategy and serves as the landing page for all other online wellness resources. 

Your Leadership Engaged- a team coaching program designed specifically to support your senior leadership as they lead your organization in living healthy lifestyles. 

Wellness Team Building- a series of 3 meetings with your Wellness Team to gather feedback and create the Wellness Team Contract and Incentive Program.


Your Wellness Strategy in Print- professionally designed collateral material that effectively communicates your annual wellness initiatives, their connection to your company values and company wide goals for participation 

Your Wellness Event- an annual, company wide meeting used to introduce each year’s operating plan and get employees excited about your wellness initiatives 

Your Wellness News- a 2 page, fully customized wellness newsletter distributed each month to every employee that provides updates on initiatives, health tips and stories from your successful employees 

Your Wellness Flag- a set of professionally designed signage throughout your facilities designed to remind employees of your wellness strategy and your company values 

Your Wellness Team- professional photographs of your Wellness Team in action that will introduce and help team members remain connected to their coworkers


Building Your Wellness Team- through a method of discipleship develop an ever-growing  wellness team that is fully committed to improving the health and well being of their coworkers. 

Our support services include: 

• attendance at all Wellness Team meetings including 6 Wellness Team meeting presentations teaching members the skills to promote to, engage and enroll fellow coworkers on the Team 

• an annual Wellness Team building event designed to connect and empower your Wellness Team members to have a greater impact from year to year. 

Your Response- a comprehensive set of employee surveys to gauge employee interests and reception to current wellness initiatives 

Your Outcomes- a complete set of reports detailing the effectiveness of all aspects of your wellness strategy from employee satisfaction to program participation and incentive distribution to health risk reduction.