Welcome Access: Supports for Living employees.

InDeed Wellness is happy to partner with your employer to provide you with a comprehensive set of tools and resources designed to support you in living and working in optimal health. We look forward to working with you through our on site, virtual and online services.

Your employer has prepared a document providing all of the details of your company’s wellness program. You can view the document by clicking here. If you recently started working for ASFL and need to enroll in your company’s wellness program CLICK HERE.

Schedule your Awareness Health Screening appointment

We’ll be on site in march to provide our Awareness Health Screenings…

To make your appointment simply click the SCHEDULE button below and follow the instructions.

If you won’t be able to attend one of the scheduled screening sessions, don’t worry. You can submit a PCP form signed by your doctor. Download the PCP form by clicking here.

Complete your Personal Health Assessment

Check in with your own lifestyle habits…

The Personal Health Assessment (PHA) is a tool that can help you to review your current lifestyle and then allow you to decide on any changes you want to make.

Click the button below to register or login at our WellWorks For You portal. You can view specific instructions by clicking here. You’ll need your employer’s Company Code: 11868 to get started.

Chart your Progress

track your completion of program components…

There are several great options to receive wellness credits toward your employer’s wellness program.

Click the button below to learn which options are available to you and how to request credit for completing them.

Looking to complete your Tobacco Use Attestation? Click here to be go directly there. Need to complete the online Freedom from Tobacco cessation program first? Click here to login to your wellness portal and get started.