Awareness Offerings.

We operate a fully licensed New York State laboratory which allows us to give meaningful health status information to our clients' employees. When our Awareness Health Screenings are combined with one of our HRA options, your employees will get a complete picture of their health and where to focus their efforts to affect change.

 Awareness Health Screenings- provide employees tangible feedback on their efforts to live a healthy lifestyle from year to year. 

• Health Risk Questionnaires- online surveys providing employees the opportunity to see the impact of their lifestyles on their risk for disease. 

• Your Healthy U- online educational webinars open to all employees to attend in real-time or view the recorded webinar.  Topics are selected from the employee survey. Attendance can be tracked.

Dedication- Necessary to Make Any Change Successful.

For your employees, we provide dedicated coaching support through personal, face to face relationships. Our Dedication Coaching strategy allows employees to meet with their coach at the workplace, over the phone or through their online, HIPAA compliant web portal. Dedication Coaching is our member-centered approach that uses listening and asking as the primary tools for helping members articulate their values-based goals and then develop the DEEDS to enact to reach those goals. It constantly keeps members focused on the actions necessary to move forward in success.


Dedicated Coaching

Direct, one to one coaching support, designed for employees thinking about or ready to make changes to their lifestyles.





Integrated Guidance- Everyone Pulling in the Same Direction.

Your organization already has a set of values and a strategic vision for accomplishing its mission. Your wellness initiatives will need to embody those same values and connect to your organization's overall vision. To be more than just a set of services offered to employees and make a significant impact in your company's performance, your wellness initiatives will need to be integrated. We can help by supporting you in:

  • building a customized wellness strategy
  • implementing effective and supportive programming
  • communicating through values based program promotion
  • analyzing the full impact of your wellness initiatives.

Your Wellness Challenges- Customized Wellness initiatives that are designed to introduce employees to new, healthy behaviors in a fun, game-oriented way! 


Your Strategy Implemented- We’ll coordinate all aspects of your annual wellness calendar, from promotional materials to delivery deadlines and employee surveys.