Vegetables should be a staple in everyone's diet.

It is no secret that they are full of great stuff  that your body needs to stay strong and healthy.

● They contain vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that can lower your risk for some chronic diseases such as stroke and heart disease.

● They are an excellent source of fiber, which can: 

○ decrease your risk of coronary artery disease 

○ slow digestion and help control the rise of blood glucose after eating

○ keep you fuller longer.

● Vegetables are naturally low in fat, calories and are cholesterol free.

● Some vegetables are protective against certain cancers.

For an individual following a 2000 calories per day DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) meal pattern, it is recommended that you consume 4-5 servings per day.

By adding one sandwich bag full of vegetables each day, you will increase your daily intake of fiber, nutrients and cancer fighting antioxidants. 

The more color and variety in your Veggie Bag, the better! To get the most out of your Veggie Bag, choose 3 different colored vegetables.

Here are some ideas:

○ 2⁄3 cup broccoli florets

○ 2⁄3 cup red bell pepper

○ 2⁄3 cup edamame

○ 2⁄3 cup green bell pepper

○ 2⁄3 cup baby carrots

○ 2⁄3 cup garbanzo beans

○ 2⁄3 cup bean sprouts

○ 2⁄3 cup mushrooms

○ 2⁄3 cup sugar snap peas

Finally, a FEW MOREEvery important tips to make your healthy eating plan successful:

  • Munch on your veggies throughout the day as often as you can
  • Sneak veggies into your breakfast smoothie via spinach or kale;
  • Salads with veggies can be your lunch's main entree;
  • Pressure cook, steam or roast non-starchy vegetables for the best nutritional value.

Eating healthy vegetables more often will remind you to make better choices during meal times.