Thrive. Your employees want to live healthy and productive lives and you want that too.

Young or old, rich or poor, healthy or sick, we all have one thing in common. None of us live to avoid death. We live to experience, grow and thrive. This is an important key to remember for organizations who want to support their employees' desire to be healthy. Are you ready to thrive even more?

Like You. We believe in the little things. Of promising and delivering. Of face time and fairness. Of family values and every day value. We focus on the little things, because the little things impact our lives in very big ways.
— Peter Baker

Deeds. Accomplishing goals requires acting in ways that align with your values.

Thriving isn't always easy but it is always worth the effort to pursue. At inDeed Wellness, we work with both employees and organizations in the same way. We help take large challenges and turn them into sets of small deeds. Each deed is simple enough to be carried out on a consistent basis and provides an ongoing sense of accomplishment when they are completed.

Drive. Your employees have the greatest impact on the health and well being of their coworkers.

As an employer who interacts with your employees most every day, you have the opportunity to provide that nudge that will cultivate the drive in your employees to grow and improve -- to thrive.

Boost. You have immense power to encourage and support healthy lifestyles through social influence.

One of the most important things your organization can do to encourage thriving lives is to boost the wisdom of few to become the education of the many.