Welcome to the RockTenn Challenge registration page. We appreciate your dedication to living a healthy, active lifestyle. This year we are again offering 2 options for you to challenge yourself. You may choose to compete in one or both. Please read the challenge detail below and then fill out the registration form.

MILLion Reasons to Change

This behavior challenge focuses on basic behaviors that you can build or change change today. The challenge is designed to help you focus on 3-4 key behaviors each month with the goal that you will carry a handful of them with you into your daily routine long after the challenge has ended.

Run of the MILL

This fitness challenge is designed to you develop a long term relationship with walking or running over the next 6 months. Your mission it to register for and complete as many races (5k in distance or greater) as you can over the next 5 months. Whether you've never tried a 5k and plan to walk or are a competitive runner, this challenge will keep you training to improve each month.

Go for it!

The successful completion of a challenge each month will get you 1 Bravo Buck. This year, we are holding a progressive raffle for monthly prizes. The more consecutive months you complete the behavior challenge and/or a race , the more entries you will have in the raffle. For example, the first month in which you complete a race gets you 1 raffle ticket, if you complete a race the next month your 2 consecutive months gets you 2 tickets and so on. If you enter both challenges and are successful in both, you can receive double raffle tickets each month.

The prizes for the challenge are as follows:

  • February- Reflective Running/Walking Kit

  • March- $50.00 gift card to Wegmans

  • April- $75.00 VISA gift card

  • May- $100.00 gift certificate to Fleet Feet

  • June- $150.00 VISA gift card


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