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Whether you have years of experience or this you will be receiving training from your Team Leader, you must review the videos and product manuals here to make sure you run your tools like a pro.

A True Metrix glucometer and Relion brand automated blood pressure monitor will be used for conducting assessments.  Again, if you do not have prior experience with finger stick blood draws, you will need to schedule your competency check with your Regional Team Leader after you've completed the Quiz at the bottom of this page.

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Glucose Screening Procedure

  • Insert test strip into glucometer. You will hear a beep when the strip is properly inserted.
  • Perform the finger stick:
    • Select a finger of the participant's left or right hand, preferably the middle or ring finger.
    • Clean the tip of the finger with an alcohol pad to remove any dirt or lotion.
    • Using the lancet provided perform the stick at the finger tip slightly to the side.
    • Place the used lancet into the sharps container.
    • Use the gauze pad to wipe away the first drop of blood.
    • If necessary, gently squeeze the finger to create a second, small drop of blood.
  • By holding the glucometer, touch the end of the test strip to the drop of blood until you hear a second beep.
  • A reading will appear within 5 seconds.
  • Give the participant the piece of gauze again and instruct them to apply pressure to the finger tip to stop the bleeding.
  • Record the result.
  • Bandage the participant's finger and collect the piece of gauze along with the test strip and all other garbage in the palm of one hand.
  • Remove the glove from that hand encapsulating the garbage. 
  • Throw both gloves in the garbage.

Blood Pressure Screening Procedures

  • Secure cuff to upper arm with tubing running down towards client’s hand.
  • Instruct the Client to sit with palm upward, legs uncrossed and not talk while test is being conducted.
  • Press START button.
  • Loosen and remove cuff from arm.
  • Record results and explain results to the Client.
    • Record results on result form and consent form.
    • No one but the Client can see or hear their results. If result is out of the desirable range, advise Client to talk to their physician. If Client does not have a physician, refer them to the pharmacy manager.
    • Give result form to the Client.

HIPAA Laws: Do not allow any person other than the Client to see or hear results. Failure to maintain this requirement can lead to a large fine and loss of our license/insurance.

Read This Manual

BMI and Body Fat Monitor


  • Press the On/Off button
  • Press the Set button to select GUEST mode
  • Press the Set button to select NORMAL mode
  • Enter the participant's height in feet and inches using the Up / Down buttons
    • Press the Set button to select the height
  • Enter the participant's weight in pounds using the Up / Down buttons
    • Press the Set button to select the weight
  • Enter the participant's age using the Up / Down buttons
    • Press the Set button to select the age
  • Enter the participant's gender in feet and inches using the Up / Down buttons
    • Press the Set button to select MALE or FEMALE
  • Instruct the participant to stand and hold on to the monitor as shown in the pictures here. Arms should be straight at chest height. Palms should make good contact with metal on device.
    • Press the Start button to activate the monitor
  • In approximately 5 seconds readings will appear. Take the monitor from the participant and record readings.

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