Competency and Confidence

To be eligible to work with us for these events, you will be required to complete an online training lasting approximately 10 minutes. You will need to complete this training once you have been assigned to a store.  After completing the short video and if you do not have prior experience with finger stick blood draws, you will need to meet with your Regional Team Leader for a short competency check. You only need to complete this competency check once.

A standard glucometer and automated blood pressure monitor will be used for conducting assessments.  Please note, we will be using the Relion brand automated blood pressure monitor. 

Again, if you do not have prior experience with finger stick blood draws, you will need to schedule your competency check with your Regional Team Leader.  

Watch This Video

Upon Arrival

  • Introduce yourself to the Pharmacy/Store Manager; ask for designated screening area and request 6’ table, waste basket and chairs if they are not already available.
  • Request white Screening Box with green labels from the Pharmacy.
  • If neither the Pharmacy nor Store Manager can locate the Screening Box, contact CIA Health Screening immediately. 1-888-963-6613

NOTE: At no time are you to enter the Pharmacy area behind the counter.

Verify Supplies/Equipment

Verify that all instruments and supplies are included utilizing the Inventory Checklist in the Documentation Packet. Before continuing, place shipping label (stapled to blue paper) over the old label on Screening Box.

Table Set-Up

  • Place table draping and tablecloth on table.
  • Plastic Shoe Box with supplies (gauze, alcohol, lancets, pens, trash bags and band aids) on table to the left side of your mat.
  • Open alcohol, gauze, band aids, and lancet bag and place in the plastic Shoe Box.
  • Turn Screening Box upside down and use as a table to hold the following:
    • Sharps Container
    • Box of gloves
  • Place wastebasket on right side of the technician’s chair in front of the Screening Box. Place liner in wastebasket. (Walmart will furnish the wastebasket).

Screening Duties

Before Testing Begins

  • Greet each Customer – “Would you like a free health testing today?”
  • When not testing, stand in front of screening table and invite Customers to be tested.


  • 18 years and older are eligible for all tests with signed consent.
  • Under 18 years and over 5 years are eligible for the following tests with parental consent:
    • Glucose
    • Blood Pressure


  • Consent forms MUST be signed prior to testing.
  • Technician should review the Consent Form to make sure all information is completed.
  • If Client completes the Consent Form and then decides not to be tested, their form must be torn up and destroyed.

Blood Pressure Screening Procedure

  • Secure cuff to upper arm with tubing running down towards client’s hand.
  • Instruct the Client to sit with palm upward, legs uncrossed and not talk while test is being conducted.
  • Press START button.
  • Loosen and remove cuff from arm.
  • Record results and explain results to the Client.
    • Record results on result form and consent form.
    • No one but the Client can see or hear their results. If result is out of the desirable range, advise Client to talk to their physician. If Client does not have a physician, refer them to the pharmacy manager.
    • Give result form to the Client.

HIPAA Laws: Do not allow any person other than the Client to see or hear results. Failure to maintain this requirement can lead to a large fine and loss of our license/insurance.

Glucose Screening Procedure

  • Insert test strip into glucometer. You will hear a beep when the strip is properly inserted.
  • Perform the finger stick:
    • Select a finger of the participant's left or right hand, preferably the middle or ring finger.
    • Clean the tip of the finger with an alcohol pad to remove any dirt or lotion.
    • Using the lancet provided perform the stick at the finger tip slightly to the side.
    • Place the used lancet into the sharps container.
    • Use the gauze pad to wipe away the first drop of blood.
    • If necessary, gently squeeze the finger to create a second, small drop of blood.
  • By holding the glucometer, touch the end of the test strip to the drop of blood until you hear a second beep.
  • A reading will appear within 5 seconds.
  • Give the participant the piece of gauze again and instruct them to apply pressure to the finger tip to stop the bleeding.
  • Record the result.
  • Bandage the participant's finger and collect the piece of gauze along with the test strip and all other garbage in the palm of one hand.
  • Remove the glove from that hand encapsulating the garbage. 
  • Throw both gloves in the garbage.

Completion of Client’s Screening

  • Retain Consent Form.
  • Thank the Client for participating and refer them to the pharmacy/vision center.
  • Prepare testing station for the next Client including cleaning any blood from meters or testing area.

Concluding the Health Screening EVENT

  • If there are Clients in line when there is less than 5 minutes to the end of the event, notify the last one in line that they will be the final Client.
  • Do not close before 4:00PM. You may prepare for closing once the allotted hours are finished.
  • Record numbers on white envelope and write down numbers for your call-in report.
  • Report numbers to pharmacy and/or vision.
  • Call in results as per instructed on last page of this manual.
  • Pack up supplies in Screening Box according to instructions in the next section.

Closing Process

Preparation for shipping and return of

White Envelope - Place the following in the white envelope:

  • Consent Forms
  • Certification
  • CLIA license
  • Inventory Checklist – fill out again at completion of screening
  • Record the appropriate information on the outside of the white envelope.

Package Instruments/Meters and Supplies in Screening Box

  • If you have not already done so, locate shipping label stapled to the blue paper and place over old label on screening box.
  • All of the following items will be included in the return Screening Box:
    •  Place in plastic Shoe Box
      • Ink Pens
      • Unused Supplies: Gauze, Alcohol, Band Aids, and Lancets
    • Place in Screening Box
      • Clipboards-2
      • Unused Consent/Result Forms
      • Unused Gloves
      • Unused Testing Supplies
      • Plastic Shoe Box with Supplies
      • White Envelope
      • Table Cloth/Banner/Signs
    • Seal Box with tape provided
      • Pre-addressed Label will have the following shipping information:
        • CIA Health Screening, Inc., 3560 SW Brookside Drive Suite F, Grimes, Iowa 50111 515-986-7150
    • Please deliver left over sponsor samples, brochures and promotional materials to the pharmacy.
      • Do not return in Screening Box.
    • Deliver packed Screening Box to the Pharmacy.
    • Have pharmacist sign the Screening Box Signature Form and fax as instructed on the form.


Phone-In Summary Report Process

Phone-In -  In order to conclude the health screening process, you are required to make a phone-in report after the event. The Summary Call is to report the number of Clients screened and provide additional information about the event.

  • Best to call in before you leave the store but NO LATER than Sunday 6:00 PM ET.
  • All calls will be answered by an electronic answering machine. All calls not received by Sunday @
  • 6:00PM ET will not be reported to Walmart and appears as a “no show”.

Please have the following information ready when making your after event phone call

  1. Store Number-Please know your Store Number before making this call.
  2. Follow prompts on electronic answering machine.

Walmart requires a report to them by 8:00 PM/EST on Sunday. Please help us report all Store numbers.

Call-In # 1-813-995-7689

Points to Remember

Don't forget to take the quiz.

  • Blood Technician MUST wear a long-sleeved lab coat at all times.
  • No personal cell phone use, calls or texts, during screening hours.
  • Do not chew gum while testing clients.
  • No food or drink at table.
  • Always change gloves before each client.
  • If blood gets on gloves, change them immediately and place in the sharps container.
  • Consent Form must be signed before testing.
  • All Client information is confidential; do not share information with anyone other than the Client. Do not speak the Client’s result out loud. Point to the result on the form and let the Client know what the desirable number should be.
  • Any blood on mat, table or instrument must be cleaned immediately.
  • Items that go in sharps container: Lancet * Gloves with blood on them * Capillaries * Test Strips * Test Cartridges * Collection Tubes DO NOT RETURN USED SHARPS CONTAINER IN THE SCREENING BOX.
  • There are enough tests and supplies for up to 100 Clients, therefore, you should not run out. However, if you should run out of testing supplies, continue on with Blood Pressure only. Under no circumstances are you to speak to the media or to answer questions with the press.

Take the Competency Quiz

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