If you are interested in joining  our team of  health professionals who will be helping bring awareness to our customers across the United States, please provide the following information about yourself and your schedule. We will contact you soon with additional information to get you onboard.

As a Wellness Technician engaged with InDeed Wellness for the purpose of providing health screenings services to our clients throughout the Northeast, you will be required to provide the following services:

  1. Excellent customer service to all clients and their employees/participants. This includes introducing yourself to other team members and identifying your role on event day as a representative of InDeed Wellness or one of our partners. You will also introduce yourself to customers of the client location you are working in and invite them to participate in the health screening services you are offering.
  2. Setting up your screening area in the location indicated by the client contact or InDeed Wellness Team Leader. You must be ready to begin seeing participants 15 minutes prior to the designated start time.
  3. Gaining written consent and appropriate release of information from participant before any testing occurs.
  4. Blood lipid and/or glucose screening by administering a finger stick blood draw and using equipment to analyze participant samples.
  5. Blood pressure screening by taking blood pressure readings using an automated blood pressure monitor and a manual blood pressure cuff and stethoscope.
  6. BMI and body fat estimation using a handheld analyzer.
  7. Collecting and reporting participant results as defined by event parameters.
  8. Interpreting participant results in regard to standard reference ranges as well as providing basic recommendations for lifestyle changes.
  9. Closing down your station at the designated end time. This includes: 
    1. reporting information on the number of participants through an online web form,
    2. correctly repacking your supply box as instructed, 
    3. returning the supply box to the InDeed Wellness Team Leader or site contact, 
    4. removing all garbage from the workspace and 
    5. properly disposing of the sharps container used during the event.
  10. Completing the post event survey.

As a member of the team, you will also be required to check-in with your InDeed Wellness Team Leader regularly through email and or text message. A cell phone that can send and receive text messages, including photos, is required.


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