Welcome to the Team!

As a Wellness Technician you will have the opportunity to interact with and affect hundreds of people during discussions about something very personal to them- their health and well-being. At InDeed Wellness, we take this role very seriously and it is important to continue learning and expand our ability to connect with and help those we come in contact with. This page is designed to provide you quick access to all of the training tools and materials we provide you as well as some reading we recommend to become proficient in your job. Before you get started, you'll need to create your employee profile here.

Step 1

Skills Training

As a Wellness Technician, you will be responsible for operating a number of different devices and machines to assess our members' risk levels for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. You will need to complete each element of the online training modules below and demonstrate competency before you are ready to begin working.

CardioChek Blood Analysis

  1. CardioChek Plus Analyzer (requires passing grade on quiz)

  2. Fingerstick Technique (requires passing grade on quiz)

  3. PTS Collect Capillary Tubes (requires passing grade on quiz)

Alere Afinion A1c Analyzer

  1. Module 3

  2. Module 4

  3. Module 6

Alere Cholestech LDX Analyzer (Requires passing grade on quiz)

  1. Modules 1 - 7

Bayer Contour Glucometer (Review the first 3 videos here)

PTS Detect Cotinine Analysis (requires passing grade on quiz)

Omron Fat Loss Monitor (review the product instruction manual)

Manual Blood Pressure

  1. Method (review all procedures)

  2. Practice (complete 10 practice measurements)

Step 2

Result Interpretation

It is important for you to have a solid understanding of the assessments we are providing as well as why these assessments can be beneficial to our members. Review the following material before taking the AHS Exam.

  1. Cholesterol Levels

  2. Triglyceride Levels

  3. Blood Sugar Levels

  4. Hemoglobin A1c Levels

  5. Blood Pressure Levels

  6. Body Mass Index Levels

  7. Body Composition Levels

  8. Abdominal Girth

AHS Exam (Must be completed with a  grade of 100%)

Step 3

Results Counseling

Review and work on committing to memory all of the natural and lifestyle recommendations we publish here.

Recommended reading to expand your knowledge:

  1. Motivational Interviewing for Healthcare Professionals

  2. Change Anything

  3. Four Agreements

  4. Stop Smoking the Easy Way

You can also see our compilation of video content resources:

  1. Health Education

  2. Behaviour Skill Building